Successful Stories

What clients, experts, and audiences are saying about their Thrive Now Nutrition experience

In 2015, I had a milestone birthday, stopped breastfeeding, and discontinued a long-term medication. When I saw myself in our 2015 family Christmas picture, I made a promise to lose 20 pounds in 2016. I began in January with things that had worked in the past - minor changes to my diet and exercise (3 times a week on the elliptical) and keeping a food journal. By April, the scale had barely moved – I’d seen 3-5 pounds come off the scale. I was frustrated and knew something was wrong with my “system”. I met with Nishisksi in early April and we discussed additional minor changes I could make to see results. While I was feeling better about the small adjustments I was making to my eating habits and lifestyle, the scale was still not moving enough for me. In September, I decided to participate in Nishisksi’s 21 day wellness reset. She provided a supportive group setting with individual coaching sessions to help us along our wellness journey. She designed a program that was meant to balance our hormones and bring peace to our digestive systems while providing us with tools to help us meet our goals. Losing weight was my goal and a great “side effect” of her program! During the program, I realized that some of my food choices were making me feel and contributing to my excess weight. After completing the initial 21 days, I lost 12 pounds, reduced my BMI by more than 2 points and had an energy level I’d not felt in years. I felt great – better sleep, less irritability, fewer mood swings, and less body fat. Not to mention shinier hair and nails and clear skin. I continue to use the tools Nishisksi provided and entering into the 2016 holiday season, I am 30 pounds lighter than this same time last year and BMI is down 4 points. My hormone levels are balanced, my blood sugar is excellent, and my A1C decreased another .2 points. I look and feel great! I could not have accomplished this success without Nishisksi’s coaching techniques and program. Thank you Thrive Now Nutrition!

My family can attest that I am a 100% happier and more patient woman than I was 21 days ago. On my recent journey to healthier eating, having my Thrive Now Coach Nishisksi to hold me accountable to healthier choices made all the difference in the world. Honestly, I smile more, sleep better, and feel out of this world! I feel comfortable in my own skin and can think clearly. My biggest takeaway? Bye-bye to processed foods…and HELLO to a BETTER Rhonda!

The 21 day reset was an amazing experience. I came into the program fatigued and nutritionally unaware. I finished the program with a new sense of self and a conscious awareness of what my body needs and what it thrives on. I was educated on nutrition, self-love, and how to maintain proper balance within my life in order for me to stay consistent after the reset. I would recommend this program for those who are looking to be renewed. It is awesome and life changing.

Deciding to go with a health coach was not an easy choice. I didn’t readily understand how the services of a health coach related to my physical condition. Because of my reluctance, it took me several months before making the call. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. At the end of the 21 days, it was one phone call that changed my life and the way I view my health. It was remarkable to have a person, in such a short period of time and thousands of miles away, be so in tune with what I needed. It turned out Nishisksi was more than a health coach; she was a life coach with an emphasis on health and food. The coaching session started with a phone a call. The phone call was very in depth. She asked a lot of questions. She asked questions that none of the 6 doctors I had seen asked. I decided to commit to the 21 day reset. After receiving the first email from her, both me and my wife were like, “there is no way in hell I will be able to complete this program”. So again with reluctance, I made the phone call to Nishisksi, and she walked us through options. She was very meticulous. She was so precise that she told me the exact store with the address in my city where I could go and get certain ingredients. Lo and behold within a week, I was eating things I never thought I would and enjoying it. My body began to crave the new diet. I was sleeping better. I had better mental clarity, and I was able to gain insight not only for my condition but for my life. As a result of her program, I was able to get some relief and regain my strength. During those 21 days, I honestly began to rely on Nishisksi's insight into healing the body and mind. My wife and I are still eating the things recommended by Nishisksi. I am completely open to exploring further lifestyle changes that Nishisksi recommends. She was always available and always flexible for what would work for me. She was very real and understood what was needed so I wouldn’t relapse. I can’t imagine not having Nishisksi's services on an ongoing basis. If you are ready to change your life for the better, choosing Nishisksi as an Integrative Health Coach should be your first step.

I can sum it up in one word…THANKFUL! I am beyond grateful for my time with Thrive Now Nutrition and Coach Nishisksi! It was absolutely transformational! While I definitely didn’t mind slimming down (not one bit!), what I loved most was all the valuable information I’m strutting away with! My 21 Day Reset coach was just a text away to answer all of my crazy questions, day or night, and keep me motivated to continue on with healthier habits in every area of my life. I learned so much in JUST three weeks, and I’m absolutely loving this new and improved version of me!

From Day 1 of my 6-Month Transformation, my Thrive Now Nutrition coach taught me that my first priority should be taking care of myself. And while I kind of thought she was joking, I now realize self-care is the real deal! How can I take care of my family if I can’t take care of myself? Every area of my life has improved over the last six months…and I feel amazing! This program helped me get my diabetes under control, showed me the importance of getting good sleep, and helped me discover the power of meditation! Thrive Now Nutrition is truly one of a kind with its own authentic heart and soul that doesn’t stop until they’ve equipped you with everything you need for a successful life.

Let Thrive Now Nutrition help YOU discover your own wellness path… today!