Services and Programs

At Thrive Now Nutrition, we help you find your optimal life ROAD MAP...for nutrition and LIFE!

When your eating habits and lifestyle support your goals, every aspect of your life becomes more vibrant, fulfilling, and most of all…ALIVE! Did you know that energy level, mental clarity, vitality, sleep quality, digestion, hormones, and emotions are all connected and affected by what you eat?

Are YOU Ready to:
  1. Use food to get the results you want?
  2. Improve your eating habits?
  3. Understand how your body processes food and stress?
  4. Make yourself a priority?
  5. Feel confident in your food choices for yourself and your family?
  6. Embrace true happiness in your life?
At Thrive Now Nutrition, we improve your overall health and get sustainable wellness results…because that’s what YOU need!

Thrive Now Nutrition is here to HELP YOU HELP YOURSELF by:

  • Making sustainable nutritional and lifestyle changes to improve your overall health
  • Finding the best, nutrient-rich foods that fit your lifestyle
  • Upgrading the nutritional value of your eating habits
  • Feeling more energized, vibrant, balanced, and organized
  • Reaching your health goals and enjoy sticking to your new plan

Nourishing yourself is about making your health a priority!

Establishing consistent food and lifestyle habits is the key factor in becoming the healthiest version of yourself. Transformation is possible…You just have to choose to change!

So, can ONE simple conversation really change your life?

YES, it can!

Click on the icon below to schedule YOUR one-hour, complimentary Health Discovery Session. We’ll discuss your unique situation and determine how we can help you reach your health goals, starting today.

There’s never been a better time to THRIVE than NOW!

We're here to create a Supportive Environment by identifying what really works for you and assist you in strategically reaching your GOALS.

Thrive Now Nutrition Services Include:

Classes and Workshops

Empower your group or team to feel inspired to improve their health and understanding of how to Eat-to-Thrive instead of eating to survive through live experiences that also foster team-based camaraderie.

What Do Our Classes and Workshops Have For YOU?

  • Highly engaging content and information
  • A community-based environment that promotes wellness and healing
  • Focused insight that expands awareness on various aspects of health
  • Advice, tools, and resources to improve overall wellness

Interested in inviting Thrive Now Nutrition to inspire, empower, and motivate your group?

Speaking & TV Engagements

Thrive Now Nutrition experts speak to small and large audiences, on stage and on screen, private and public, on a range of health-related topics throughout the year. Examples of past topics include:

  • Powerful Wellness Hacks for College Years and Beyond
  • Healthy Habits That Get Results
  • Healthy Alternatives and Nutritional Upgrades
  • Eating Well on a Budget
  • Stress Management for High Demand 21 Century Lifestyles
  • Eat-to-Thrive Awareness for Kids
  • Practical but Powerful Self-Care
  • Totally Wellness Vision Board Lecture

We welcome a conversation to see how we can support your event and/or audience.