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One factor remains the same for every one of our clients. The food you eat is fuel for your body and the quality of that food matters! Every time you take a bite…you make a choice that works for you or against you. So, what will your choice be? Do you need help?

Bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, Nishisksi “Shiki” Chandler, owner of Thrive Now Nutrition, is passionately committed to helping busy entrepreneurs and professionals (JUST LIKE YOU!) prioritize their health while successfully juggling their demanding schedules.

Nishisksi has been in your shoes!

As a child, Nishisksi was exposed to how food directly affected her health when an urgent care doctor suggested that she adjust her diet to reduce the frequent headaches that she was experiencing. After making some simple changes, her headaches vanished!

One simple food change can actually transform your entire life!

That experience left a lasting impression on Nishisksi regarding the importance of food choices and eventually led her to overcome many other health challenges, even as an adult, brought on by a poor diet and an intensely demanding lifestyle. Despite the flood of health trends and discouraging trail of modern pharmaceutical approaches, Nishisksi knew that optimal health and vitality was possible without pharmaceutical dependency. And that’s exactly what she set out to prove!

Embracing food to the fullest, Nishisksi overcame her health challenges and developed a new and lasting sense of vitality…

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And YOU can too!

Resulting from her transformational journey, Nishisksi is now a Health and Lifestyle Coach who possesses an in-depth understanding of how to establish and achieve health goals while simultaneously juggling a rigorous schedule. As a former international business professional, entrepreneur, and US soldier, Nishisksi found the balance and inner peace to overcome health and fitness obstacles while continuing to “rock” her demanding schedule…And now, she wants to share her secrets and strategies with you! Her extensive training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Hippocrates Health Institute coupled with her life experience has propelled her onto a path of wellness, vitality, and true happiness, which is what she believes life’s really all about!

And now she wants to help YOU discover your own wellness path… today!
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